AC GREEN factory

AC GREEN factory

Established in 1998 with a commitment to sustainability, AC GREEN® has evolved into a global leader in eco-friendly custom hat and apparel manufacturing, driven by our "Made with Heart" ethos. Led by Chairwoman Kailyn, our overseas operations have thrived, partnering with over 30,000 brands worldwide across various continents. Our dedicated team, comprising over 500 members, operates from three self-owned factories equipped with cutting-edge machinery, each covering an area of about 6,000 square meters. With an impressive average daily production of 10,000 pieces and an annual output exceeding 4,000,000 pieces, we provide professional and convenient one-stop services for our customers' brands.


We collaborate with leading global environmental suppliers to source materials that meet stringent environmental standards. Our eco fabrics not only uphold sustainability but also deliver the same quality and aesthetics as conventional options. Committed to fostering a circular economy, we continuously research and adopt innovative technologies, from product development to packaging, aiming to minimize resource consumption and waste generation. Transparency is paramount, and we maintain open communication with our customers regarding our products and services.


We are dedicated to fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth, promoting meaningful employment, and ensuring decent work conditions for both our employees and partners. We prioritize the professional development of our workforce and invest in their skills and expertise. Additionally, we cherish our ties to local communities and actively contribute to their well-being and prosperity.